It is said that once, all the world was united into one vast continent, today only one piece of that great land remains, as the other pieces of the world broke off and spread out, the largest shard remained in place, in the centre of the Earth lies Nidus, a vast landscape that is said to be the birthplace of all life. It is from here that magic seeps into our world, and where the final battle of good vs evil will one day be fought.

To the East of the isle, not far from the shore, towering above the landscape, lies Medeis, The City of Mages. A mass of man-made structures like nothing ever seen in this world. Each spire and building crafted and infused with the magic of its occupants. Medeis now reaches it's arms out to the outlying towns, in the hopes of having them join their cause, and one day form a large and powerful empire strong enough to wipe all evil from the land.

The West half of Nidus is filled with a forest like no other. The forest expands far faster than any forest should. It's rapid growth is due to the many plantshapers and druids that infest the forest and empower it with their magic. Druids being among the tamer things that lurk amoungst the trees. It's nature and the nature of the wild beasts and beings that live there is how the forest got it's name of The Wilds, in the outside world. To it's inhabitants it is known as Feralis. And they defend it against all that wish there home harm.

To the North, jutting out of the landscape like vicious fangs, lie the mountains of Iuga dente, and soaring above those still is the Spire of Doom, a solid rock tower formed and twisted by dark magic, it is often said that the spire holds within it the greatest evil ever to walk the earth and one day, the spire will split in two, releasing onto the world it's end. It is no wonder why many dare not aproach the mountains, and why all manner of evil forces gather there, from vampires and demons to orcs and trolls.